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Product Name:Cab Radio for Railway Wireless Communication
Product parameter is introduced:


Frequency Band Support

Frequency Band

RX Frequency Band

TX Frequency Band

GSM 800M

921-960 M

876-915 M

Output Power


RX Sensitivity


Power Consumption

Peak value:70W

Average value:30W

Summary Introduction Characteristic Application Structure Feedback

Cab Radio (referred to as CR), as the latest generation wireless communication train-borne radio product, it is based on development trend of Europe train control and communication systems.

As GSM-R Communication terminal, this Cab Radio has adopted new architecture design, can realize voice and data communication in GSM-R network. At the same time, through modules’ configuration, it can realize train control data communication between VC(Vital Computer)and RBC(Radio Block Center).It has characteristics: high integration, high reliability, multi-services and other characteristics.

Cab Radio System consists of Main host, MMI, handset, loudspeaker, various connecting cables, antenna and antenna cables. For standard CR and compact CR, their MMI, handset, loudspeaker and other accessories are interchangeable.

     Products designed meet the following relevant European Standards:

         "UIC Project EIRENE Functional Requirements Specification" (Version 7.1)

    "UIC Project EIRENE System Requirements Specification" (Version 15.1)

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