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450MHz railway communication Your location:Home Page - Products - Railway communication - 450MHz railway communication
Product Name:WTTJ-3 General Locomotive Radio
Product parameter is introduced:

1)Communication Mode:


3)Channel space:25 KHz

4)Antenna impedance:50Ω(Imbalance)

5)Power Voltage: Module power supply DC input DC110V(88V-132V)

DC24V (18V-36V)

6)Current Consumption:      When transmitting< 1A,

When receiving< 0.6A,

When waiting< 0.4A

7)Environmental Temperature:-25~+55 Degrees Centigrade

8)Vibration Strength:10~55Hz Can resist 3G vibration from each direction


10)Installation Dimensions:110mm×246mm(4-ф6.5)

Summary Introduction Characteristic Application Structure Feedback

This radio is a general locomotive radio for wireless train dispatching system, and it is compatible with all working modes of B and C format locomotives. The radio is installed on the locomotive, used by the driver to communicate with dispatcher, stations, other locomotives and train guard.

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